Don’t Get Left Outside The Gate…  Alone…

The Terror On 12 Haunted Attraction is a limited event and the line up may be long.
Please dress for the weather.

Hot drinks and food available.


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Expect the unexpected when you enter TERROR ON 12. Prepare yourself for an interactive haunted adventure that seemingly has no End. Be ready for a full sensory assault on your psyche as you make your way into the unspeakable Horrors that await.

As the HALLOWEEN Season approaches, we at Terror On 12 come to LIFE! We’ll be anxiously awaiting your arrival, so Come One, Come ALL!   Bring your warm Blood, your warm Clothes and boots as we expect those bone chilling nights ( keeps the bodies fresh you know).

Prepare yourself for an unforgettably Hair raising Terror On 12 experience. It’s time to put your courage to the test with new and unexpected twists as you attempt to make your way across the Haunted Estate in which we offer an interactive and Freakishly Frightening Adventure. Should you succeed, we offer hot drinks and food on site.

This event is NOT recommended for very young children or anyone with serious health concerns. One Way Tickets available at entrance upon arrival.

Please also be aware that our capacity is LIMITED each night, and the gate will be closed once that capacity is reached.
Gates open at 7 pm, and the event runs until 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and 10 pm on Sundays.
We are open weather permitting, so check this website or our facebook page for updates or cancellations.


Sooooo…. What are YOU afraid of?


The ticket holder understands that there are inherent risks when participating in an event such as TERROR ON 12 and assumes all risks and dangers associated therein. In consideration and acceptance of entrance into TERROR ON 12, the ticket holder agrees to release the operator, it’s affiliates, officers, directors, staff and property landlord from any liability, harm, injury or death, cost or expense whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly as a result of participation in the TERROR ON 12.  As ticket holder you voluntarily enter at your own risk and have read and comprehend the Disclaimer/Warning and TERROR ON 12 Rules & Regulations.

TERROR ON 12 is not responsible nor liable for any damage (personal or property), injury, loss, or theft. This includes but is not limited to: injury, bodily harm, property damage, loss, medical condition onset, and or death. By entering this event, you take full responsibility and waive all rights against TERROR ON 12.

You will be videotaped and your images may be broadcasted on our web site or used for promotional material. By entering TERROR ON 12 you accept these terms and conditions and you hereby release all broadcast and talent rights.




No outside food or drinks.

By entering the attraction, you agree to abide by all posted rules and any verbal instructions given by our staff.

TERROR ON 12 is not recommended for young children.  Children MUST be accompanied by an adult.

No running.

No flashlights, cameras, recording devices or cell phone use during your visit inside TERROR ON 12. This is for your safety and the safety of those around you. Please do not use these devices to light the pathways.

Any damage done to the attraction will be reported to local law enforcement.

This is a no-contact haunt. The creatures inside will not touch you…please do not touch them. Do not touch or disturb the props.

This attraction contains claustrophobic passageways, sudden scares, loud noises, simulated violence, and extreme darkness. Strobe effects, simulated fog, and other devices may be in use which could be disturbing to epileptics, asthmatics, and others.

Persons with heart, back, or breathing problems that could be aggravated by this environment should not attend.

Persons with mechanical or electrical devices should not attend.

Expectant mothers should not attend.

If you are taking medication or using drugs of any type do not enter the haunt.  You will not be admitted if any of these conditions are noticed by our staff.

Food, drink, or tobacco products are not permitted inside this haunt.

Violation of these rules will result in removal from the TERROR ON 12 Haunted Attraction.



58086 Hwy. 12


phone: 204-371-8228